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Jenny Steel is a Plant Ecologist and Natural History Writer who has specialised in Garden Ecology for more than 25 years. She has written for many UK magazines, is a speaker, photographer and course facilitator and the author of seventeen books. She lives and works in Shropshire where her two acre wildlife garden is the inspiration for much of her writing.

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Read Jenny's Latest Blog on Nature's Garden....  As the weather gets colder and wetter it is time to think about the birds that use our gardens and ensure that they have plenty of food as the natural resources in the countryside are slowly depleted. There are lots of ways that we can help birds through the winter. We can provide warm roosting places by keeping our hedges thick and wind proof, put up roosting pockets for smaller birds such as wrens and tits, and make sure that our nest boxes have a layer of dried grasses inside which will provide warm shelter on cold winter nights.  Read More....

Updated 5th December 2016