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Jenny Steel is a Plant Ecologist and Natural History Writer who has specialised in Garden Ecology for more than 25 years. She has written for many UK magazines, is a speaker, photographer and course facilitator and the author of seventeen books. She lives and works in Shropshire where her two acre wildlife garden is the inspiration for much of her writing.

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Read Jenny's Latest Blog on Nature's Garden....  The start of every new year is thrilling if you happen to be interested in the world around you, and especially in its wildlife.  As each year passes I feel I learn more and more by observing the events that occur as the seasons roll by, especially by watching the wildlife that visits my garden. Over the last few days the evenings have got a little lighter - its amazing how quickly this happens after the shortest day has passed and a couple of days ago I noticed a wonderful sound outside as I was eating my breakfast.  A thrush was trying out his song as the sky lightened.   Read More....

Updated 23rd January 2017